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Bulk Haulage
Gravel, Side Tippers

Nine Mile Contracting Pty Ltd specialises in Bulk Haulage.  We utilize road trains of side tippers to transport gravel in bulk to get the job done quickly and easily.  We have a dedicated rock trailer for the big stuff.  No job is too big or too small.

General Freight & Machine Transport
General Freight

Nine Mile Contracting Pty Ltd offers General Freight to shift your gear to where it needs to go. With our Drop Deck Widener with Heavy Duty Winch machine transport is no problem. Need some Hay?  No worries we can transport that too!

Dozer Hire
Dozer Hire

Available is a D9R Caterpillar Dozer with a 4.5m Cutter Bar and Seeder.  Bust up hard compacted soil to allow for moisture penetration and reseed to bring tired country back to life.

Quarry Product
Quarry Products

Need some Gravel?  No Problems.  Quarry products are available from Crusher Dust, Roadbase and large Rock.  Don't hesitate to ask about other products.

Gravel Carting
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